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Fishing Report!

Nice sailfish caught aboard the pier



So you are asking what is going on at the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier, well we have a new Oyster Bar, Pirate's Cove Oyerbar for one. Well the cobia have gone although we caught one at the end of September. We have also had a few Sailfish broat aboard the pier recently.

With the Cold snap we are seeing more flounder and some nice Red Fish, to get the slot reds you have to fish between the sandbars.

We are seeing a few pompano in the surf and I watched someone pull in a nice slot redfish the other day using cut bait..

Good luck with the fishing and don't forget to check us out on facebook!

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Sunset and Marine Life Report      

The sunset is now moving just onto the beach line which is producing some of the most awesome sunsets of the year. You have to get out a little early since the time change to enjoy it, however, when there is a small cloud cover the colors can be breathtaking.

We are also seeing plenty of fish, sharks, sunfish, dolphins and marine birds around the pier for those wanting to watch the marine life. This time of year we typically get to see some large redfish swimming along the sand bar from time to time too.

Above the water we have a few friendly pelicans and herons, as well as other really neat water fowl hanging about the pier. Please be sure to not mess with the birds though, they are protected on Pensacola Beach.

To walk the pier is only $1.00 which makes it the best value on the beach! However, a great Christmas gift is a year walking pass for 60.00 good for 1 year. At 1471ft the pier is the best 2/3 mile walk you can make.


Sea Turtle swimming around with some baitfish at the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier.

Dolphin Swimming Near the Pensacola Beach Pier

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